Can I pick my wines for my next membership box?

When you join the Wine Awesomeness party, you'll be asked to choose between red wines, white wines or a variety pack containing red and white. At the moment, your options don't get any more specific than that, and for a good reason. Like we probably mentioned somewhere along the way, the Wine Awesomeness Membership is a journey all about discovery and education, which is why we work hard to send you as many varieties from as many unique places as possible.

Once you've started your membership you can change from variety, red or white at any time in your account settings. but that's as far as preferences go! Keep in mind that you can always supplement your membership boxes with additional bottles you purchase from our wine shop here. As a member, you get exclusive access to 20% off your purchase of 3 or more bottles from our wine shop. That way, if we send you something you really like, you can always buy more from our wine shop and keep discovering more!

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