Help! My order is on the way, but I won't be home!

If your order has already been processed and shipped, we are not able to cancel your order at that point.

There are a couple of options. If your delivery is shipping via FedEx, you can select "Customize Delivery" on your tracking information to see if holding your package at a local FedEx facility (for 5 business days only!) is an option for you.

If you want your shipment to go to a different address, you will have to reach out to us directly. Contact us ASAP on live chat M-F 10-4 EST, or at Please reference your order number.

If you know your delivery is going to be problematic, don't wait until the last minute to reach out. Once the package has been shipped back to us, we are basically out of options other than reshipping the package back to you, which has a restocking and reshipping fee of $20. We highly recommend shipping to a work address if possible, so getting a signature for these shipments won't be a problem.

We can be reached on chat M-F 10-4 EST or at

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