How does my friend know who the gift membership is coming from?

If you're gifting a membership, it's always nice for that special someone to not only know that their box is coming, but who is sending it and how to track it. If you didn't add a secondary shipping email address at checkout, you can always update or change it later in your membership settings portal:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the Settings link to the left
  3. Click Update Credit Card and Shipping Addresses on the subscription you want to update
  4. Add the giftee's email address to the box under Shipping Notifications Email
  5. Click update and you're done. 

The added email will only receive shipping notifications (not order confirmations) and the gifter will be CCed onto that message as well. 

Please remember that someone must be home to sign for the wine delivery. The carrier service will always try to deliver the shipment three times (and notify the addressee) before sending it back to our warehouse. Consider using the giftee's work address to avoid failed deliveries. 


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