Help! I have an invalid tracking/airbill number!


In the case that you see the message "LSO has not received this shipment for transport," this means your package is on the way, however, it hasn't been received by LSO, the final carrier for shipments going to Oklahoma and Alabama. Please note that we only send shipments out to LSO once a week. Alabama shipments depart on Wednesdays, and Oklahoma orders depart on Fridays.

It can take 5 - 7  business days from the tracking notification email you received for your tracking number to be active. If the airbill number is still invalid one week after you received your shipping confirmation, please contact support with your order number so we can help.

If your package is being shipped via UPS or FedEx and the tracking number we emailed you can't be found, please contact support. 

We offer live chat hours from 10-4 EST, M-F. And, of course, you can always email us at and we'll get back to within 3 business days.


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