How does the WA Membership work?

We're glad you asked! Our membership is a wine subscription. There are no membership fees, just tasty shipments of wine!

We offer 3-bottle or 6-bottle memberships, which means you either receive 3 or 6 bottles per shipment. You can switch between red, white, or variety, and we do the rest! In each shipment, you'll receive a copy of thebacklabel: a mini-mag containing awesome content, recipes, perfect playlists, and articles to help you learn all about the vino you're about to fall in love with (check it out!).

Once you start a membership, you do have the option to change to an every-other-month or quarterly subscription interval. You also have the options to skip order or adjust your order date as often as you need. You can find all of these options as well as the option to cancel your membership by logging into your WA Account here.


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