How does the WA Membership work?

If and when you decide to join our party, you'll be offered several choices to begin - red or white (or both!) and three or six bottles. Once you've voiced your preferences and given us your information, the awesomeness begins!

Every month, you'll receive your Monthly Journey, featuring wines curated by our rockstar wine team and complete with thebacklabel: a mini-mag containing awesome content, recipes, perfect playlists and articles to help you learn all about the vino you're about to fall in love with (check it out!).

You'll be charged each month, $49 all-in for a three pack membership, or $79 all-in for a six pack membership (shipping is FREE!). The WA Membership is a recurring monthly subscription; your monthly shipments will continue and you will be charged each month until you cancel the membership.


Note: once a WA Member, you do have the option to change to an every-other-month or quarterly subscription interval. You can also choose to skip a month if you're in a bind! This can all be managed through your WA Account.

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