I loved a certain wine in this month's box. Can I order more?

Most excellent, we're thrilled to hear it... although we sort of suspected you'd like it!

The short answer: of course you can order more!

Longer answer: as long as we still have your wine of choice in stock, you can order more of it from our Wine List page (note: this link is hidden from our homepage). If there's a wine you really want, but aren't seeing on our wine list, feel free to reach out to us on chat or at support@wineawesomeness.com - we'll let you know if we have some available!

Also, we'll send you reminder emails each month with special offers to stock up on your favorite wines (keep an eye out for the monthly 'Buff Up Your Box' emails). And if you choose to have these additional bottles added to your next Monthly Journey, you won't incur any shipping charges. Score!

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