What kinds of wine will be featured in the WA Discovery Wine Club (Membership)?

Well, hopefully, a little bit of everything! Each month, we round up at least 12 new wines, which you'll get to view and select from for your deliveries. We look for both crowd favorites and lesser-known styles, and we source the wines from all different winemakers and regions across the globe. 

When you join our wine club, you'll first need to pick red, white, or variety so we can get you started, but from there you can sit back and let us send you a random selection each time (we love surprises!) or you can use our bottle swap feature to customize your wines each shipment.


Confused by membership vs wine club vs subscription? We hear ya! We've always used the term membership to describe our wine club subscription (see what we did there?), but we thought the word membership was more confusing than it had to be so we've started to phase this out to use wine club or subscription. Same service as always!

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