How do I skip/delay/cancel my WA Membership?

If you want to make changes to your membership (i.e., skip/delay/cancel), you'll need to log in to access your WA account settings.

Once in settings, you will be able to:

  • change your delivery frequency (switching from monthly to quarterly, and vice versa through preferences)
  • skip next order and resume following month
  • delay your order 'Next Order Date'
  • or (gasp!) cancel by clicking 'Deactivate Membership'

If you do decide to deactivate your account, you can always reactivate at any time by using your same login information and selecting reactivate.


Note: all changes to your account need to be submitted 24 hours in advance of your next order date. We will not be able to skip/delay/cancel your Monthly Journey delivery once it has been processed.

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