Can I delay the first shipment?

Unfortunately, no. The first shipment will ship shortly after you place the initial order. It may take 3-9 business days (depending on where you live) to arrive. Once you receive a shipping confirmation email, you will have a tracking number for your Monthly Journey through the shipping carrier. 

If you are gifting a membership we recommend having the first shipment shipped to yourself and giving that box to the recipient in person. After the shipment, you can adjust the next order date and the shipping address for future shipments in your account settings.

You can also, at any time, add a secondary email if you want the giftee to receive a shipping confirmation email (not an order confirmation). This article explains how to do so. 

Both UPS and FedEx offer free tools to help you organize and keep track of your shipments. By signing up for a free account with UPS My Choice or FedEx Delivery Manager, you will have features such as delivery alerts, providing delivery instructions, or holding shipments at a carrier location. With an account, you also have the option to send your shipment to a different address, for a fee. (Your carrier may not reroute to a state other than your own, however).


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